Tagung SICHERHEIT 2018 in Konstanz 

Ende April fand die Jahrestagung SICHERHEIT 2018 in Konstanz statt. https://sicherheit2018.in.htwg-konstanz.de/ Drei Tage lang diskutierten die Teilnehmenden auf dem „Familientreffen“ des Fachbereichs Sicherheit (Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit) die Themen, die in der deutschsprachigen Community in der Forschung und Praxis aktuell sind. Vortragende und Teilnehmende spiegelten die Vielfalt der Forschung zu Sicherheit wider. Universitäten und Hochschulen für […]

New Director for HTWG’s Doctoral Programme 

I will become the director of the doctoral programme at HTWG Konstanz starting in March 2017. The vote in the Academic Senate was 15 in favour and 2 against.

Grammer mistakes 

When reviewing a paper lately, I encountered this gem from one of my fellow reviewers: a separate remark is that the language should be polished. There are quite some grammer mistakes in the paper. (emphasis mine) I am not sure if that was an intentional joke and, if so, the authors of the submission will […]

I again started to register my time 

For a long time I recorded my work time to get some hard data about how I spend my time and to review if I spend my time on the things I like to. I took a one year break from time recording when I transitioned from HiG to HTWG, and I started again in […]

bwSyncAndShare is not ready for primetime 

Storage is a scarce resource and has always been an issue for me to discuss with the IT department. I usually want to use more storage than they are willing to grant. I recognize that there are different service levels for storage provided as part of the IT of the organization I work for and […]

Regional IT security challenges 

Integrated in our bachelor study programmes is a period where students are sent out into the world to apply what they have learned so far, experience a real workplace, and come back with new skills and renewed motivation for the remainder of their studies. Professors visit the students to ensure they are doing well and […]

Informatik 2020 

In February, professors, lab managers, administrative employees, and students at the HTWG computer science department brainstormed and collected what we like, dislike and want to avoid to become as a department. The exercise yielded more than 250 items, ranging from great freedom in teaching and research to scarce office space and little international appeal. We […]

HTWG Values, Mission, and Strategy 

Last year, HTWG Konstanz elected a new university president. Earlier this year, the management team of HTWG presented results of a strategy workshop: the values of HTWG. Based on the identified values we are now supposed to develop a strategy for the computer science department that will then be incorporated into an overall strategy for […]

Studieninformationstage März 2015 

We offered „Studieninformationstage“ this week. Monday through Wednesday both in the morning and in the afternoon, we invite pupils to us at HTWG Konstanz to present them our study programmes in computer science and to give them the opportunity to ask questions. Pupils do not take part in teaching at their schools on these days. […]

Storage is supposed to be cheap today, so why are applications so stingy? 

Is has been so for a long time: You could never have enough storage on a computer. And when you ran out of budget, you could wait a year, and the same amount of storage would cost you less. Companies would charge a premium for non-consumer storage, e.g. when you called IBM to install a […]