Einführung in die Programmierung

HTWG Konstanz, study programmes: WIN Wirtschaftsinformatik, BIT Business Information Technology

Offered every semester

8 ECTS (=240 hours of student work), 4 SWS lectures, 2 SWS exercises

Moodle page: https://moodle.htwg-konstanz.de/moodle/course/view.php?id=1894

Students learn all relevant concepts of object-oriented programming and the use of the Java programming language. Topics include data types, enumerations, generics, control structures, exceptions, methods, classes, object orientation.


Exercises are supported by student assistants. Do you want to become a student assistant for the course?

Winter term 2017: Ca. 6 positions available.

Summer term 2017: Ca. 6 positions available. Applications received from Sebastian Oberhauser, Victor Popovschi, Stephen Beck, Kevin Heim, Isabel Bayer.

Winter term 2016: All positions filled – Patrick Braun, Tobias Burchardt, Enrico Caltagirone, Besim Duyar, Alexander Gellert, Pascal Keilbach, Sabrina Lejn, Timon Millich, Ron Schlichting.

Summer term 2016: Completed – thanks to Enes Aktay, Fabian Cotic, Benedikt Goos, Markus Jäckle, Marco Kloft, Daniel Vetter.

Winter term 2015: Completed – thanks to Matthias Demmer, Viktor Götz, Besart Pllana, Erik Reil, Thomas Schick, Julian Vögt.

Summer term 2015: Completed – thanks to Dominik Dudek, Felix Fritzsche, Daniel Reinbold, Alban Veliu, Adrian Weiss, Jonas Zentner.

Winter term 2014: Completed – thanks to Eugen Gering, Benjamin Heuer, Metehan Kilin, Sirus Saberi, Tobias Spott.