Tagung SICHERHEIT 2018 in Konstanz 

Ende April fand die Jahrestagung SICHERHEIT 2018 in Konstanz statt. https://sicherheit2018.in.htwg-konstanz.de/ Drei Tage lang diskutierten die Teilnehmenden auf dem „Familientreffen“ des Fachbereichs Sicherheit (Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit) die Themen, die in der deutschsprachigen Community in der Forschung und Praxis aktuell sind. Vortragende und Teilnehmende spiegelten die Vielfalt der Forschung zu Sicherheit wider. Universitäten und Hochschulen für […]

Yi-Ching Liao defended her thesis 

Yi-Ching Liao defended her thesis titled “Process Tracking for Forensic Readiness ” at the Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology, NTNU in Gjøvik. Liao has looked at how companies can collect and preserve potential evidence in advance, if they were to experience a cyber attack. Perpetrators need access to system resources to commit cybercrime. […]

New Director for HTWG’s Doctoral Programme 

I will become the director of the doctoral programme at HTWG Konstanz starting in March 2017. The vote in the Academic Senate was 15 in favour and 2 against.

Visit to Avira in Tettnang 

We do not have a lot of companies specialising in IT security in the Lake Constance area, so we went on a field trip to Tettnang on the other side of the lake to visit one of the larger companies, a bit more than an hour to drive. Around 30 students from the bachelor/master security […]

HTWG master students participated in SECENTIS winter school 

Two computer science students from HTWG Konstanz won a travel grant to participate in the SECENTIS winter school. Sandra Ringmann (BIT) and Felix Schuckert (MSI) had applied to attend the winter school on „Security and Trust of Next Generation Enterprise Information Systems“ in Trento, Italy, in February. In her master’s thesis, Sandra Ringmann investigated how […]

HTWG Konstanz participates in Alliance for Cyber Security 

The Alliance for Cyber Security is an initiative of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), established in cooperation with Germany’s digital association (BITKOM). HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences has joined the Alliance for Cyber Security, represented by Professor Dr. Hanno Langweg at the department of Computer Science. As an association of all […]

How do you know that this is not my correct email address? 

When I was traveling to Spain last year, I connected to the „free“ wifi network at BCN airport in Barcelona. They do not charge a fee for connections up to one hour. However, they collect some personal data to be able to use the service. I stated my name as „Privacy Privacy“ and gave „privacy@langweg.de“ […]

Mobile Malware 

We had two experts from Avira presenting on mobile malware this week. Close to 80 students and staff attended a FirmenForum presentation given by Alexander Vukcevic, Director Virus Labs, and Marcus König, Manager Advanced Research and Technologies. Smartphone operating systems are attractive targets for cyber criminals. Not all mobile operating systems are equal, and the […]

First COINS summer school completed in Metochi 2015 

The first COINS summer school on cloud security is over. It was held successfully at the Metochi Study Centre on the Greek island of Lesvos, operated by University of Agder, one of the consortium members of COINS. The topic of the summer school – cloud security – was chosen by poll among COINS students. The […]

Regional IT security challenges 

Integrated in our bachelor study programmes is a period where students are sent out into the world to apply what they have learned so far, experience a real workplace, and come back with new skills and renewed motivation for the remainder of their studies. Professors visit the students to ensure they are doing well and […]