COINS@SWITS Västerås 2015 

Like in the past two years, I attended the SWITS seminar with a COINS delegation this year. SWITS is the Swedish IT Security Network for Ph.D. Students, in many ways a network of Ph.D. students and faculty like COINS. Samson Gejibo, Bikash Agrawal, Vivek Agrawal, and Seraj Fayyad joined from COINS. SWITS organised its annual […]

Two papers accepted at ISCC-SFCS and COMPSAC-SIMICE 2015 

Yi-Ching Liao and I co-authored papers that were accepted for presentation this summer. The first paper, „Events and Causal Factors Charting of Kernel Traces for Root Cause analysis“, will be presented at the ISCC-SFCS 2015, the Third International Workshop on Security and Forensics in Communication Systems, co-located with the Twentieth IEEE Symposium on Computers and […]

Privacy Points presented at ICSE/TELERISE 2015 

The team project on Privacy Points that I supervised in our MSI master programme in computer science resulted in a publication that was accepted for presentation at the TELERISE workshop co-located with the ICSE International Conference on Software Engineering. Presentations at the meeting focused on the intersection of technical and legal aspects of security and […]

Paper accepted at TELERISE 2015 

The paper „Privacy Points as a Method to Support Privacy Impact Assessments“ has been accepted for presentation at the TELERISE workshop, co-located with ICSE 2015. It is the result of a team project of students in the MSI study programme at HTWG Konstanz. Julia Himmel, Nikolas Siebler, Felix Laegeler, and Marco Grupe worked on the […]

More research-based learning for software security at HTWG 

One of my proposals was selected to receive support from HTWG Konstanz in the „Research-Based Learning“ project. As an enhancement to my lecture Software Security we will prepare for and take part in two Capture the flag (CTF) competitions. Preparation will be supported by a student assistant. The first competition will be offense/defense style, the […]

Privacy points might actually work 

Two years ago, I published a paper on Privacy Points as a novel approach to data protection. The idea stems from ecological impact assessments and emission trading. In short, you use metrics to assign point values to changes in IT systems affecting privacy of users. The level of data protection could then be given as […]

New team project on a trusted path for smart cards 

Thirteen years ago I extended an approach proposed by Balacheff, added a trusted platform module (new at that time), and applied the approach to electronic signature creation. The idea was to enable a smart card to determine whether it could trust the machine it communicated with and use it as an execution environment for its […]

CCIS Center for Cyber and Information Security at Gjøvik University College opens today 

Researchers, managers, and other experts in information security gather today to officially celebrate the opening of CCIS, the Center for Cyber and Information Security at HiG. CCIS comprises partners from energy, defence, academia, public administration, police, IT consulting, and telecommunications. The centre will undertake actions towards: Building research capacity and research groups at top level […]

Two papers accepted at JISIC 2014 

I am the co-author of two papers that got accepted for presentation at JISIC/EISIC, the Joint Conference in Intelligence Security Informatics, held in The Hague, the Netherlands, in September this year: Yi-Ching Liao and Hanno Langweg: „Resource-based Event Reconstruction of Digital Crime Scenes“ – that paper is part of Yi-Ching’s Ph.D. project on process tracking […]

COINS supports the Ph.D. movie sequel kickstarter project 

The PHD Movie 2: Still in Grad School