I again started to register my time

For a long time I recorded my work time to get some hard data about how I spend my time and to review if I spend my time on the things I like to. I took a one year break from time recording when I transitioned from HiG to HTWG, and I started again in the fourth quarter of last year.

So, based on this small set of three months, how did I spend my time this semester?

  1. 64% of my time was teaching, i.e. lectures, exercises, preparation, supervision, methodical improvement.
  2. 13% of my time was research, i.e. supervising Ph.D. students, master’s theses and projects, and a negligent number of hours spent researching and writing on my own.
  3. 11% of my time was administration, i.e. attending meetings, submitting forms, reporting results.
  4. 6% of my time was acquisition of funding and connecting with industry, i.e. writing applications, attending meetings, giving presentations.
  5. 5% of my time was service, i.e. reviewing conference submissions, writing letters of recommendation, and contributing to the development of our department.

I will get back to time management when I have a longer log accumulated in TimePanic.

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