I almost got to inbox zero 

As regards email I am a filer (I have kept almost all emails that I received and sent since I started using email almost twenty years ago, and it is all sorted in folders in one way or the other). I was told by our IT department that I am one of the employees with the […]

First glance at new office 

In 2005, I was notified that the building in which I had my office was due to be remodelled the following year. I feared that there would be a lot of noise and dirt in a period I had planned to be a period of research. That did not happen. No construction workers showed up […]

Apply for admission to our Bachelor in Information Security programme no later than Tuesday 

If you have not yet decided, here are three reasons why you should apply for our bachelor programme in information security at HiG: We offer the only dedicated bachelor programme in information security in Norway. Other institutions offer you just a specialisation within a broad programme. At HiG you will study with twenty other students […]

Why is there just one woman in the room? 

Recently, I brought my daugthers to a project meeting. They do not attend school yet, and are at an age where they ask a lot of questions. „Why is there just one woman in the room? Will there come more women later?“ were questions to which I did not have a good answer. Out of eighteen […]

How I spent my work time in 2013 

I recorded almost 2,000 hours of work last year. Ideally, I would have spent twice as much time doing research as I did teaching, and twice as much time teaching as I did administrative tasks. Here is what really happened. Research accounted for 58% of my time in the best case. 33% were organisation of […]

Course codes 

I browsed study programmes and offerings for student exchanges in information security recently. One of the partner institutions I recommend as an option for students in the bachelor in information security is Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic. They are well prepared for international students using Erasmus and display an impressive table of courses […]

Continuous integration for text documents 

Continuous integration is a concept that has gained widespread traction in software development. I consider it useful in other contexts, too. I recommend to master students and doctoral students I supervise to start with a blank thesis document the first day they embark on their project. That way, they will always have a thesis they […]

What is in a name 

Sometimes you find the same abbreviations in the same field. Take CISPA as an example. CISPA is the name of the competence centre „Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability“ at University of Saarbrücken. CISPA is also the name of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a proposed law in the United States which would […]

New office 

Years ago, when I was writing my Ph.D. thesis, I was notified that I would have to vacate my office, because the building would be remodeled soon. „Soon“ turned out to be enough time to finish my Ph.D., start a family, work in industry and return to my old office. This month I finally moved. […]

Planning far ahead of time 

I enjoy using the amadeus.net web site to find out about available flight connections. When I was looking for flights earlier this year, Amadeus got the dates wrong. I am sure that the date for the flight (February 19th, 2013) was correct, but the date they claimed I had chosen (January 10th, 2536) certainly was […]