Strong student interest in surveillance and data protection 

It was a convenient coincidence that we had reached network security, anonymity, and data protection in the IT security class I teach at HTWG Konstanz. The same week the movie „Citizenfour“ was shown in a local cinema. The movie is a documentary about the revelations of the former NSA employee Edward Snowden on extent and […]

Privacy points might actually work 

Two years ago, I published a paper on Privacy Points as a novel approach to data protection. The idea stems from ecological impact assessments and emission trading. In short, you use metrics to assign point values to changes in IT systems affecting privacy of users. The level of data protection could then be given as […]

Three student teams took part in international hacking competition, all finished quite well 

For 48 hours in October about 50 students from HiG formed a team to compete with 580 teams from all over the world in a contest in information security ( CTF). The goal of this „Capture the flag“ competition in information security was to solve several practical information security challenges, comprising web application vulnerabilities, SQL […]

New team project on a trusted path for smart cards 

Thirteen years ago I extended an approach proposed by Balacheff, added a trusted platform module (new at that time), and applied the approach to electronic signature creation. The idea was to enable a smart card to determine whether it could trust the machine it communicated with and use it as an execution environment for its […]

Extending my teaching portfolio 

This semester, I will teach three classes: Software Security in the Bachelor in Information Security at HiG, Introduction to Programming in the Bachelor in Information Systems at HTWG Konstanz, and IT Security in the Master in Computer Science programme at HTWG Konstanz. Software Security is a class I had been teaching since 2011. The topics […]

Bachelor thesis presentations of information security students 

This year, eight groups submitted a bachelor thesis as part of completing their degree of a bachelor in information security at HiG. These are as many as we had in the last three years combined. All projects had an external or an internal employer and were supervised by NISlab staff. The topics this year were: […]

Apply for admission to our Bachelor in Information Security programme no later than Tuesday 

If you have not yet decided, here are three reasons why you should apply for our bachelor programme in information security at HiG: We offer the only dedicated bachelor programme in information security in Norway. Other institutions offer you just a specialisation within a broad programme. At HiG you will study with twenty other students […]

Gary McGraw at HiG 

Gary McGraw gave a guest lecture on software security at HiG. The lecture was titled „Cyber War, Cyber Peace, Stones, and Glass Houses“. He stressed that the focus of the security (research/operations) community was too much on incident handling and offensive capabilities instead of building secure systems. The lecture was inspiring and entertaining, put software […]

Bachelor in information security students are very satisfied with their choice 

Recently, results of a nationwide survey of second year students were published. „Studiebarometeret“ was conducted by NOKUT, the controlling authority for educational activity at all Norwegian universities, special field universities, university colleges and institutions with single accredited higher education programmes. Asked whether students were satisfied with the study programme they had enrolled in, the answer […]

Course codes 

I browsed study programmes and offerings for student exchanges in information security recently. One of the partner institutions I recommend as an option for students in the bachelor in information security is Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic. They are well prepared for international students using Erasmus and display an impressive table of courses […]