I guess I heard that before 

I was visiting a car dealer to find a used car to buy. The experience was new to me (I had not bought a car before), but it was quite familiar given what I had read about dealers of used cars. We did not have a good start. A car part was dangling that was […]

Happy birthday, NISlab 

NISlab, the information security research group at HiG, started ca. ten years ago. The exact date is debatable, so we decided to celebrate in the autumn of 2012. Coincidentally, this is also European Cyber Security Month. A lot has happened since then. The department of forestry ceased its activity at the Brandbu campus and funds […]

Slow database update 

A friend of mine needed a replacement part for his camera while he was on vacation in Gjøvik. After visiting some of the stores and performing a web search the other day, he found out the parts could be bought at Elkjøp, an electronics retail chain in Norway. I called them to verify availability. The […]

My daughter and I hacked an arcade game at the airport 

This summer, we were on vacation in Europe. On our return trip, we had some time to spend at the TFN airport on Tenerife island. I was glad that my daughters went to the playground while my wife was shopping, so I could relax before the flight. Then I noticed that our oldes daughter had […]

What are the odds for that? 

Somebody called me on my mobile phone. I was sitting exactly where you do not want to take phone calls, so I pressed the red button on the phone, rejected the call, stood up, washed my hands, and went back to my office. I did not recognize the number and used telefonkatalogen.no to find out […]


There is a habit among high school students in Norway – they give away business cards to strangers. Teaching for final year students ends early in May and they have two weeks to prepare for their final exams. Well, many also spend the time wearing red trousers that look fancy when you are eighteen, and […]

Mater semper certa est 

My (digital) camera has a face detection feature. You can take a reference picture of a person and then the camera will on later pictures show a rectangle around a face when the camera finds sufficient similarity between the photographed person and the reference picture. I do not know why the feature is there, because […]

Your system is low on virtual memory 

Again a public display lacking sufficient configuration for unattended operation. This time I took a picture of a display at Berlin Schönefeld airport showing departure times for local transport options. The localisation of the error message indicates that Windows 2000 or Windows XP is being used for the machine.

Price differences 

In theory, prices reflect supply and demand. I wonder if this holds for bananas. Local supermarket in Gjøvik: 1 kg = kr. 16 = ca. 0.38 EUR per piece Narvesen at Oslo airport: 2 bananas = kr. 12 = ca. 0.75 EUR per piece Food store at Stuttgart main station: 1 banana = 0.80 EUR […]

Some things do not change 

Not long ago, in a city marketing itself as a „U.N. and congress city“, I arrived late and wanted to take a taxi for a 2km ride. Here in Gjøvik I have to go back some time to remember when I last paid without a credit card. It has become the natural way to pay […]