I guess I heard that before

I was visiting a car dealer to find a used car to buy. The experience was new to me (I had not bought a car before), but it was quite familiar given what I had read about dealers of used cars.

We did not have a good start. A car part was dangling that was not supposed to be movable. The car had been advertised with 165,000 km, but it showed 179,000 on its display. The dealer told me several times that it was „a good car“ and that I would „get much car for the price“, even when I asked him specific questions about the condition of the car. I do not like imprecise answers to specific questions.

The maintenance history of the car was not available, because, you know, the central IT system was being updated just that day, and sales was not able to retrieve the information. (It turned out when talking to another dealer later that there was no scheduled update of the central IT system of that carmaker.)

And the classic: the dealer pretended to have driven the same model in the past.

I finally bought a car from a different place. I am sure that I lost money on that purchase, too, but at least the dealer did not invoke memories of typical sales methods.

About Author: Hanno Langweg

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