What are the odds for that?

Somebody called me on my mobile phone. I was sitting exactly where you do not want to take phone calls, so I pressed the red button on the phone, rejected the call, stood up, washed my hands, and went back to my office. I did not recognize the number and used telefonkatalogen.no to find out who had called me. It was the police station at Oslo airport.

I had arrived by plane the day before, so I gave them a call. The person I was talking to revealed that he operated the switchboard and did not remember having tried to call me. We agreed that I had not left behind anything at the airport. I thought hard what I could have done wrong that would have led to the police finding out my identity and my mobile phone number. I had bought a single bottle of wine (less than what is permitted toll-free), I knew that I had taken my passport out of my bag last night, so – no, I could not come up with any reason to be called. The person at the switchboard transferred me to border control. The woman taking the call asked for my name, did not remember trying to call me, asked several colleagues. We concluded that nobody remembered calling me, and that they would call me again if they found out that it was something important.

Strange coincidence. The airport police (probably) dialled a wrong (i.e. my) number on the day after I had been at the airport. What are the odds for that?

About Author: Hanno Langweg

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