Making life easier for your colleagues

Here at the college we get invitations to interesting seminars, presentations or guest lectures quite frequently. Time is a limited resource, and I like to be able to put interesting events in my calender easily — or be able to discard an invitation instantly. When I invite people, I usually like a high degree of participation, otherwise I would not be sending an invitation to them. We all have Microsoft Outlook available as the standard software for group collaboration at our organization. The easiest way is to send people an event invitation that they can transfer into their personal calendar with a single click of their mouse.

That said, I started with a habit of replying to invitations that are sent as a lot of prose:

Thank you for bringing this event to my attention. I suggest an improvement for future events: Sending an event invitation as a „meeting request“ in Outlook would make it even easier to put the event in one’s personal calendar. It would certainly be no extra effort on your side since the event will most likely already exist in your calendar prior to sending out news to others.

I work on the assumption that people might not be aware of the full power of their tools.

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