Ups and downs of the week

There seems to be a breakthrough for the students I supervise on their bachelor thesis. They have been able to modify contents of a USB memory stick by directly accessing the data stored in sectors. It has taken a while for them to learn, but after thoroughly studying specifications and MSDN documentation, they managed to do it. I feel better now. One of the risks of the project has been cleared. Now we can start working on the advanced aspects of file system manipulation. Good job – I look forward to our meeting next week where files are supposed to be become hidden and visible again.

On the downside I received a quote from a local electrician. (The other electrician I contacted did not even bother to reply.) For moving one power outlet, adding two new outlets (where there already is cabling) and replacing a dimmer with a switch, and taking into account that cabling consists of gold and is mounted to the walls, not inside, I am supposed to pay NOK 7,000 (including taxes). A simple back of the envelope calculation reveals that I can pay a qualified electrician in many European countries for a whole day, cover a return flight and airport transfer to Gjøvik plus cabling and material and still pay less than what I have been offered. And, as local experience suggests, the final bill is usually higher than predicted. What am I supposed to do? Not invest into my house? Wait for friends with an electrical engineering background to come by for a visit? Convince my family that I should work on 230 V installations and have it approved by a local electrician afterwards for ca. NOK 1,500?

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