Forensic readiness in the cloud and beyond 

Yesterday, Keyun Ruan, editor of the book „Cybercrime and Cloud Forensics“, gave an invited talk at HiG. I had had her book lying on my desk since earlier this summer, so I asked her to sign the copy. „Good luck with cloud forensics research in Norway and beyond!“ was her message. The talk covered the full […]

Continuous integration for text documents 

Continuous integration is a concept that has gained widespread traction in software development. I consider it useful in other contexts, too. I recommend to master students and doctoral students I supervise to start with a blank thesis document the first day they embark on their project. That way, they will always have a thesis they […]

New Ph.D. student: Yi-Ching Liao 

Yi-Ching Liao started as a Ph.D. student with NISlab last month and is working with me on Process Tracking for Forensic Readiness in Operating Systems. She has a M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Helsinki and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from National Chengchi University Taiwan. She also possesses extensive experience in computer crime […]


With the intention to find out how SWITS operates their annual seminar I travelled to Malmö recently. SWITS is the Swedish IT Security Network for Ph.D. Students, similar to the COINS research school of computer and information security I am engaged in to set up in Norway. SWITS has been in business for more than […]

Keylogging for the advancement of research 

I supervised a group of bachelor students this year who developed a key logger as their bachelor thesis. „BeLT“ stands for „Behaviour Logging Tool“ and comprises key logging, mouse logging, and application usage logging, together with local storage, secure network transmission and safe storage for further processing. This project is a cooperation between behavioral biometrics […]

What is in a name 

Sometimes you find the same abbreviations in the same field. Take CISPA as an example. CISPA is the name of the competence centre „Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability“ at University of Saarbrücken. CISPA is also the name of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a proposed law in the United States which would […]

It is (still) alive 

My prediction was wrong. A product I had seen on CeBIT last year – the Tutanota webmail application – is still in business while I had predicted it would not be. The product’s idea is to provide a web interface for email and to store the emails encrypted „in the cloud“. None of the issues […]

Presentation on security in the cloud 

I will be speaking at a partner event for Norman Safeground AS in Oslo in April. The topic of my talk is going to be „Security in the cloud“.

5-4-3-2-1 successful research schools 

5 meetings, 4 towns, 3 days, 2 countries, 1 purpose: find out how successful research schools operate to transfer their experience into a good start for COINS. I was on travel recently together with my colleague Einar Snekkenes and visited representatives for the DISC interuniversitary graduate school systems and control, the university-wide RUB Research School […]

Make sure there is a match 

Here is a selection of applications I got for the open Ph.D. position in „Process tracking for forensic readiness in operating systems“ (application deadline was yesterday). The most important aspect in finding a good candidate is to find a good fit for the candidate’s abilities and aspirations, the work that needs to be done, the […]