Forensic readiness in the cloud and beyond

Yesterday, Keyun Ruan, editor of the book „Cybercrime and Cloud Forensics“, gave an invited talk at HiG. I had had her book lying on my desk since earlier this summer, so I asked her to sign the copy. „Good luck with cloud forensics research in Norway and beyond!“ was her message. The talk covered the full breadth of her book, and we had students with diverse backgrounds in the audience: from first year bachelor in information security students who had just started at HiG last week, to doctoral students and senior faculty.

I have several activities going on in forensic readiness this year. There is an ongoing master thesis that investigates how Openstack can be enhanced to support forensic investigations in cloud computing. I supervise a student in a specialisation course who improves a tool to capture user behaviour with applications both in digital forensics and in behavioural biometrics. Yi-Ching Liao, Ph.D. student at NISlab, surveys approaches to record and replay activities of processes executed on physical or virtual machines. Another master student is interested in recording memory accesses of processes. Put together, there will be a lot of data collected on user and process behaviour.

About Author: Hanno Langweg

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