You do not have permission to access the server we say you should use

For various reasons not being discussed here, I use an account with a bank that belongs to the Cashpool network for withdrawing cash from ATMs. They are far from offering a large number of ATMs, so I need to look up the location of an ATM once in a while when I am away from home.

There used to be an app for my Windows phone that worked nicely and displayed a map with ATMs I could use free of charge based on my current location. That app was discontinued, stating that the data about location of ATMs was provided by the Cashpool group in a format that had become too hard to parse.

wap-forbiddenUsing an ATM I discovered a note on it where they directed customers to a mobile-friendly web site with a directory of ATMs. I do not remember, it was probably even a 2D barcode that led to said page. Opening that page I was greeted with „Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access / on this server.“
They are making it really hard to find their ATMs.

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