Distributing notifications over the whole day

T-Mobile offers to notify customers when a new invoice is ready to be printed by the customer.

The order in which the notifications arrive is peculiar.

  1. 00:43 in the middle of the night the invoice is sent as an email attachment. Good. The PDf file comes together with an electronic signature so that you can use it to document paid VAT in case you use your mobile phone for business purposes.
  2. 14:12 half a day after having received an email with an attached invoice, I get a text message telling me that I can log on to T-Mobile’s customer portal and download the new invoice.
  3. 19:32 in the evening of the day that started with the invoice being sent as an attachment, a notification is sent to the same email address telling me that I can log on to T-Mobile’s customer portal and download the invoice. What is the point of sending the notification for a more complicated process (log on, find, download, print) after sending the file in a simpler process?


  • Offer to send plain PDFs. I have not found out how to get just a simple PDF file. There are two reasons why I would like that: I do not need the signed version and T-Mobile packs the PDF and the signature in a ZIP file which means more clicks. The second reason is that the PDF that I receive cannot be printed on some printers. Deutsche Telekom – for all practical purposes the same company as T-Mobile – sends you a simple PDf that just prints fine.
  • Send notifications at roughly the same time. Having more than almost 19 hours between notifications of the same event is annoying.
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