Automated shipment delay notice

Last year, seven weeks ago, I ordered light bulbs online that I had been unable to find in local stores. They were displayed as being in stock in a quantity larger than what I ordered, so I trusted that information. Having worked for a (formally independent, practically closely related) company, I had no indication to assume that the algorithm to determine availability had changed or been manipulated. When working there, we used to try to order 999 items only to be informed that „you could get 15 items shipped today and 984 later“. That had worked fine for me last November as well.

I was surprised that I got an email some days after placing my order that the shipment would be delayed until the end of the year. Based on previous knowledge, I assumed that it meant the item was not in stock, that it had been backordered from the manufacturer, and that no expected delivery date had been given by the manufacturer (hence „end of December 2014“).

elv2014-12-30I had another surprise when I got a (presumably) automated email before the year was about to end, telling me that the new expected date of delivery was „end of December 2014“. Wow, that raised expectations on my side.

No, I did not receive the light bulbs by the end of December. I am still waiting for them and for a delivery announcement. And, no, local stores do not have the bulbs that I ordered in stock.

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