Two papers accepted at NordSec 2012

I will be presenting two papers at NordSec 2012 The 17th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems. The topics of my contributions are „Security Add-Ons for Mobile Platforms“ and „Cost-Effective Technical Countermeasures Against GUI Manipulation of .NET Programs“.

Security Add-Ons for Mobile Platforms  is joint work with M.Sc. student Benjamin Adolphi. We give an overview of existing security software on mobile platforms in form of rewalls and antivirus software. We investigate whether these solutions increase the security on mobile platforms, what limitations the platforms‘ security policies present and how current solutions work. Benjamin will continue to work in this area for Promon AS.

Cost-Effective Technical Countermeasures Against GUI Manipulation of .NET Programs is joint work with M.Sc. student Svein Roger Engen. Often, not much attention is devoted to the security of the graphical user interface (GUI) when developing .NET applications. Manipulations can be done to the graphical user interface, this makes it possible to trick a user to click on a wrong button or give the user faulty information. To protect the GUI, we present two approaches: monitoring the window hierarchy of an application, and checking if there are any overlaying components.

About Author: Hanno Langweg

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