Microsoft, please improve search on the Windows phone

I am a loyal user of Windows phones. My first mobile phone was a Siemens C25. When I was no longer able to find replacement batteries on Ebay many years after the manufacturer stopped selling them, I switched to Nokia. And years after student had adopted smartphones I switched from a simple „can make phone calls and send text messages“ Nokia phone to a Nokia Windows phone.

I like my Windows phone. Many of my colleagues use a recent iPhone, so that is no longer an item to distinguish yourself… And even many of the students, complaining about high costs for renting an apartment, own an iPhone that one may consider an overpriced piece of hardware. According to my unscientific surveys of students in class, about one third owns an iPhone, sixty percent use an Android phone, and the remainder focuses on a device that can do everything you need, does not have most of the apps that you do not need anyway, and that usually comes with solid hardware. The latter group is the group of Windows phone users.

windows-phone-search-badischer-kartoffelsalatSome things do not work that well, though.
When I did a search for „badischer kartoffelsalat“ (potato salad from the Baden region) on my phone, the result was „No results found for ‚badischer kartoffelsalat‘. Showing results for ‚bayrischer kartoffelsalate‘ instead.“ Nevertheless, the title of the first result was „Badischer kartoffelsalat.“

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