M.Sc. thesis topics for 2012

I offer several topics for M.Sc. students in our Master in Information Security programme, most of them in cooperation with industrial partners. Here are six topics I presented at our internal seminar last week:

  • Survey of Trusted Path and Logging+Audit Support in Operating Systems
  • Cross-Platform Evaluation of App Hardening
  • Security Architecture of a Home Automation Gateway
  • ICT Supply Chain Integrity
  • Survey of Contracts in Access Control Models
  • Privacy-Respecting Business Intelligence in the Cloud

If you are interested in the details, please consult the list with thesis proposals in Fronter and then send me an email. If you are interested in working on a topic with me as a supervisor, but do not feel comfortable with any of the six topics listed, send me an email or drop by at my office, and we will work out what will be beneficial to do.

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