I believe I have been spammed


I am the editor-in-chief of Who’s Who in the World, and I have received your name through a private nomination process. I’m writing to ask if you would provide us with information about your personal and professional accomplishments for possible inclusion in the book.

Inclusion in Who’s Who in the World indicates real accomplishment. The book is a global reference relied on by universities, libraries, corporations, and governments around the world. Many people put this recognition on their resumes or CVs.

Unlike Wikipedia, Facebook, and LinkedIn, our books contain only the biographies that we choose through our rigorous selection process (see below). But like those resources, it costs you nothing to be included. Also, our books are actually printed and purchased by the world’s most respected institutions. So, among other things, Who’s Who in the World gives you all the benefits of high quality networking.

Please click this link to the Who’s Who in the World Biographical Data Form and you will be taken to our password-protected site. The submission process takes only a few minutes, and the benefits of being included in Who’s Who in the World can be significant.

Congratulations on being nominated!


Fred Marks
Editor-in-Chief, Who’s Who in the World

So, what is the business model? Collecting personal information for free? Identity theft? Selling directories of people to those who feel more important by being included in a directory?

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