Funding for SKYLINE

The Regional Research Fund for the Inland Region in Norway (RFFINNL) received 30 applications for qualifying research projects this year. 8 applications were accepted, 3 of those had been sent in by Høgskolen i Gjøvik, and one of them had been submitted by me (project SKYLINE).

Goal of SKYLINE „Kostnadseffektiv bruk av nettskyen for små bedrifter“ (cost-effective use of cloud computing for small companies) is to establish a virtual laboratory (i.e., a software package) that can be used by small and medium-sized companies for testing related to information security and software development. Industrial partners in this project are Apropos Internett AS (Hamar), Itum Oppland AS (Kapp), and Promon AS (Oslo). RFFINNL supports the project with 200 000 NOK. Depending on the results and experiences made in the project, the consortium might develop a proposal for a larger research project or might initiate commercial product or service development.

About Author: Hanno Langweg

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