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I teach IT security and programming at bachelor and master level in different study programmes.

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Office hours by appointment: send me an email or talk to me after class.

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Recommended classes related to IT security at HTWG Konstanz:

  • Einführung in die IT-Sicherheit (bachelor 3 ECTS, summer/winter term)
  • IT-Sicherheit (bachelor 6 ECTS, summer term)
  • Datenschutz und IT-Recht (bachelor 9 ECTS, summer/winter term)
  • IT-Security (master 5 ECTS, winter term), spans a broad range of topics
  • IT-Sicherheitsarchitekturen (master 5 ECTS, summer term), has a focus on network security
  • Kryptologie (master 2 ECTS, summer term), part of IT-Sicherheitsarchitekturen